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Sometimes I'm Just A Prisoner In Myself

Running through a dark forest

attracted to a bright light

it shined so blue and green

the light it's so vivid and gorgeous

like a miracle from the deep blue sea

this miracle are your eyes

your beautiful blue eyes which guide me through this forest

your eyes they shine like the moon in a clear night

a wonderful place where I want rest till the end.

Let me be captivated by your beauty 

Let me put this vivid crystal called love back to your eyes

your eyes they shine warm and clear

Darling I offer you everything

Darling let me be forever on your side

Darling I'd never let you go cause I can't 

I could'nt stand this loss, I'm fallen

I lost myself in your eyes

Cause this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

like a cherry sunset blossom in spring, sweet,pretty and the greatest thing in god's hands

Darling I fucking love you <3 


5.6.08 16:10

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